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Honorary Officers
Chairperson: Liat Kishon-Rabin (Israel)
Vice Chairperson: Robert Trotic (Croatia)    
Past Chairperson: Birger Kollmeier (Germany)
Secretary-General: Stefan Stenfelt (Sweden)
Treasurer: Dorothe Veraguth (Switzerland)

Piotr Skarzynski (Poland), Vinay Swarnalatha Nagaraj (Norway)

Search Committee
Martin Kompis (Switzerland), Jan Wouters (Belgium) and Theresa Pitt (Ireland)

Liaison officers
EFAS liaison to CEORL-HNS: Françoise Artières (France) and Martin Kompis (Switzerland)
EFAS liaison to ISA: Kurt Stephan (Austria)

Past and present officers
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Prof. Stefan Stenfelt
Secretary-General of EFAS

Linkoping University, Sweden


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