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Minutes for the 9th General Assembly, in Bordeaux

1. Welcome from President (Laukli, Norway).

2. Apologies and substitutes

2.1 Apologies
Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel and U.K. (although Jonathan Hazell attended as non-voting member in place of Deepak Prasher, Voting Rep.) Kunigunde Welz-Mueller (Germany) was delayed.

2.2 List of attendants:
were checked by Martti Sorri, Secretary. Total number of
voting representatives = 18.

3. Minutes GA 2000:
no remarks - minutes were approved

4. EFAS Treasurer's Report (Barajas)
Annual Report for 2000 was read into the minutes. Current balance was reported
to be €11,246.44 but had only improved within the last year. Belgium commented that this money could be used for projects, but the President suggested building a fund for a year or two more to improve stability of finances. Some countries find it difficult to pay the subscription so other countries who don't need to continue paying the same amount.

President suggested that proposals for use of funds be sent to new Council.

Jan de Laat suggested a system for allowing some expenses for EFAS business.

5. Crete Meeting (Gavalas)
First announcement, site inspection and dates for May/June 2003 have been agreed. Promotion of the meeting will be carried out at Bordeaux, Nuremberg/Cyprus and Melbourne meetings particularly. Free papers and seminars will be encouraged and suggested papers can be put in box at Bordeaux.

6. Bids for 2005 (vote tallies)

Goteburg, Sweden (19-23/06/05) (Kajsa Mia-Holgers to be senior organiser) (13 votes), Canary Islands (3 votes), Hannover (2 votes) Goteburg winner.

Other suggestions for 2007 conference welcomed.

7. Elections (vote tallies)

Vice-Chair: Fisiloglu – Verschuure 3 - 14

Secretary: Pitt – Pytel 10 - 8

Treasurer: Gavalas – Spillmann 4 - 13

Auditor: Sulkowski – Vatovec – Pascu 12 – 7 – 16
Past President - Laukli; President - Lenarz
Nomination Committee Re-elected unchanged: Arlinger – Govaerts – Ingrida

8. Report from Working Groups
General Audiologist Course Report, by J Kiessling: 3rd version sent out, 5 comments back from different countries: e.g. B.A./B.Sc./M.Sc definitions (Govaerts), Contact network available within EFAS for smaller countries to benefit from knowledge of existing course providers (Mia-Holgers)/access to parts of course for other professions. Dutch Soc. Audiology commented that the programme was too much of a leap from their existing Audiology Assistant posts - some responsibility would have to attach to new posts. Stig Arlinger discussed the development of programmes in Nordic countries over last 30-40 years, and will be looking at 'pushing' the introduction of the course in other countries.
Consensus that the document is a good start, but curriculum should be improved locally. Each country must find its own way, EFAS can provide a broad platform to support them in local implementation., a strong ENT organization recognized by European commission
and elected by national societies; may have suggestions on how to proceed, although some ENT people would not like to see the separate professional status of Audiology raised so considerably, and do not like the image of 'Centrality' given to Audiology in the working document: ask UEMS reps to be present here or consider discussion with UEMS (Dauman) and also try to get information from the member countries (Verschuure). Dauman commented that Medical Profession must be in favour of new course programmes for them to be successful. Spanish commented that they would like to see parts of the whole programme at least; rest could follow.
President suggested that perhaps a new process could begin, with Kiessling and Sorri stepping down, having worked so hard to date.

9. Other activities

9.1 UEMS:

Rene Dauman suggested improving the links between ENT/ORL and Audiology by opening a 'channel for continuous communication'; EFAS chairman should contact the general secretary of EUMS, Richard Maw and start process.

9.2 AHEAD – II (intermediate Intervention) (F Grandori)
Questionnaire Europe picture on II with 23% return to reflect current status
www. Working group on NHS? 2002, Villa Erba for GA invitation , write to FG to accept the invitation; EFAS members (?reps) have reduced fees.

9.3 Proposed contacts with:
European Union for the Deaf, International Tinnitus Society (President suggested that a working group could be held during EFAS congress).
Steering group for contacts to be discussed by Council.

10. International Journal of Audiology
Joins 3 existing journals (Nordic Soc./British Soc. & "Audiology" journals), 8 issues per year, S Arlinger 1st EiC plus 4 associate editors, starts in 2002 with vol. 44, Decker = publisher.

11. Website: needs professional updating from time to time - esp. New contact details; contact J.Hazell with any items (or T.Pitt, new Secretary of EFAS with correct contact details).

12. next GA
Como conference, at the end, date 1st June 2002.

13. other meetings:
Melbourne (Intern.Soc.) mentioned.

14. Any other business
Rehabilitation in audiology: should be discussed by the council esp how to sell to politicians, what the minimum requirements are for rehab. (Verschuure). Left to next Council meeting to discuss.

President thanked all the attendees and the meeting was concluded.