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EFAS General Assembly, Friday 28th May, 2004, 5.00-7.00.p.m.
Villa Erba, Congress Center, Cernobio, Italy.


1. Welcome from Chairman

2. Attendance

Verschure J.(Netherlands,V)
Pitt T. (Ireland,V)
Attias J.(Israel,V)
Kajsa-Mia Holgers (Sweden,V)
Dauman R. (France,V)
Govaerts P. (Belgium,V)
Pascu A. (Romania,V)
Georgescu M.(Romania ,NV)
Laukli E. (Norway, V)
Haukoy G.(Norway, NV)
Miolsnes O. (NoRway, NV)
Kjarbol E.(Denmark, V)
Kurt S. (Austria, V)
Mikic B.(Serbia a.Montenegro,V)
Spillmann T.(Switzerland,V)
Kise L.(Latvia,V)
Apologies – Henrik Bo Poulsen (Denmark), T.Lenarz (Germany)

3. Congresses
a) EFAS Conference 2003, Hersonissis, Greece.
No comments, Gawalass not present.
b) EFAS Conference 2005, Göteborg, Sweden.
Kajsa-Mia Holgers presented time-table.Scientific comitee is working on planning sessions, preparing general information.Main sessions and responsible persons are already known, many speakers are known. More detailed insight in some main topics of audiology – tinnitus, genetics, acoustics, education in audiology, conventional and implantable hearing aids, pediatric audiology. Nobel Prise laureate Arvis Carlsson will give lecture after the opening ceremony concerning tinnitus and the role of dopamine in it. Preliminary finantial information about transportation, accomodation costs.
Asking for comments.
Laukli- a lot of main subjects, no place for free papers
Kajsa-Mia – the 3rd paralel session will be possible
Govaerts – More actual topics for audiologists are necessary
Dauman – Necessary stress the call for papers
Kajsa-Mia – Looking for good congress in Göteborg
c) EFAS Conference 2007, Heidelberg, Germany – Lenarz not present.
d)Bidding for 2009.
2009.bidding procedure will be send to representatives to spread the information to people, interested in bidding.
Please , inform the secretary before you will be bidding :

4. Links with other professional bodies
a) Relationship with ISA – Vershuure.
We are affiliated member in ISO, in GA has to be representing member.
Lenarz or Kajsa-Mia Holgers will be representing member. Approved to mandate.
b) WHO – Verschuure.
WHO will invite organizations to be affiliated members. Lenarz T. has written a letter. no answer up to now.
c) Participation in European projects – Verschuure.
EFAS has interest to participate in EU projects. but EFAS is not a legal organiation.
Project -all will get information. Due to reason mentioned above the work
will be done through H.Verschuure department. For future the seat for EFAS will be
established in Brussels with support of lawyer for by-laws. EFAS will have official
address, bank account.
Proposal was accepted by representatives.
If your country partipate in any other EU project, please inform the secretary.
Pleaes contact us, EFAS can make contribution.

Govaerts – expenses will increase if EFAS will be a legal organization
Dauman – The purpose of EFAS in the future is professional work
Laukli -  not all countrie of EFAS  are members of EU. No problems for affiliated
members, what about others – non members
All aspects shoul be considered to choose the best.

5. Activities
a) Website. Working. Joseph Attias will be the responsible person.
Please contact him concerning the information you want to have on website: Please send the names of non voting representatives
b) Iniative on Audiology meeting (O'Donogue, Lenarz)
The meeting of many different persons involved in Audiology was planed. Due to many reasons it is postponed at the moment, but the idea is good and still actual, possibly to realize in Heidelberg as one day meeting.
c) Ethical issues – Vershuure
In Phoenix will be round table concerning good practice, education in Audiology organized by Stig Arlinger. The proposals will be taken to EFAS.
Comments until Göteborg are expected and will be appreciated.

6. EFAS accounts and Treasurer's report 2003-2004
EFAS National contributors were presented. Only expenses for the period – for website 1735.20 Euros. Actual balance 17 065.34 Euros. No travel expenses for the EFAS board. The main problem is non responding local representative. The new invoice forms will be distributed.
Bank account has been inspected and accepted by A.Pascu and W.Sulkowski.

7. Other business
Verschuure – new members should be drawn in future of EFAS – training and involvement of people in Audiology,situation in each country is different, different systems.priority – to built up profession in Europe.

Govaerts – proposal visibility will come. EFAS is not involved in organizing conferences, has no authority EFAS has to bring up professionals in Audiology, to organize hands-on courses, scientific sessions or EFAS sessions during conferences or meetings.
Attias – finantial aspects of EFAS activities should be considered
Pitt – Questionaires to members of Societies to activate members, contacts to Universities.

8. Closing