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Final Agenda and Minutes for 2007 General Assembly,
Heidelberg Friday 9th June at 12.30 p.m. (Kammermusiksaal).


1. Welcome from Chair (Attias)

2. Attendance:
Voting (18 present): Attias, Holgers, Spillman, Pitt, Verschuure, Tavartkiladze, Pascu, Sulkowski, Dillier,  Grandori, Kiss, Luxon, Pace Balzan, Barajas, Kerin Huttunen, Laukli, Atas, Kiessling,  and Apologies (Dauman who sent a proxy vote for the 2011 venue).
Non-voting (8 present)  Pytel (Hu), Ras (Irl), Kokkonen (Fi), Georgescu (Rom), Sekula (Po), Skarzynski (Po), Arlinger (Sw), Davis (UK).  

3. Minutes of GA in Innsbruck,  September 2006 – were available on the  and in the room; no comments/corrections were received and therefore they were deemed accepted by the Assembly.

4. Chairman’s Report on: Activities/Congresses – the Tinnitus meeting in June 2008 in Gothenburg is likely to be the venue for the next EFAS GA. Holgers has details and first announcement of this meeting is available for the General Assembly.

Website – There are still incorrect contact addresses of some of the member countries representatives. The GA were asked to look at their own contact adresses to check if they were accurate. The members of the GA were invited to provide information that they might think could be of particular interest for the organisation  All ideas welcome.Other Activities – links/contacts (EUFOS – Holgers) and ISA (Verschuure).Attias wished to propose a scholarship fund for the next EFAS congress in 2009 to be made available to 2 students, enabling them to travel to Tenerife at little or no cost (in agreement with the organisers).  This proposal was supported by the Assembly unanimously – the final details have to be announced but the scholarships will be advertised on the Website.

5. Reports of Treasurer/Secretariat:
Spillman presented the Treasurer’s report (Balance is slightly increased this year to 27000 euro)  although several countries have not paid a contribution for some time), and then announced his retirement.  He proposed handing over to Norbert Dillier in Switzerland and this proposal was agreed unanimously by the delegates. The board thanked Spillmann for his contribution to the Society as treasurer for 6 years.

6.  Report on Heidelberg Congress (Dillier) 
The Congress has attracted almost 500 participants and is likely to break even financially.  Dillier said that they were pleased with the weather and the Social Programme also.

7.  Report on Tenerife 2009 Congress progress (Barajas) – Barajas presented some information on the Island, transport links and the Semiramis hotel, whilst remaining a little non-specific about final fees proposed. Barajas had arranged for very favourable prices for the accommodation.

8.  Nominations and voting for next EFAS Congress in 2011.
Davis (UK) and Sulkowski (Poland) gave presentations on London and Warsaw respectively.  The vote for both locations was 6 for London and 13 for Warsaw (with Dauman in absentia having a proxy vote), so Warsaw was chosen as the venue for the 2011.  The dates proposed are 22nd – 25th June, with a city centre venue.

9.  Nomination Committee Report and Council Elections:       
General Secretary Barajas (9), Pace Balzan (9).  Barajas asked that Pace Balzan be the principal General Secretary, in order to increase the new membership profile in EFAS.  This was accepted by the delegates present and Pace Balzan was elected.Vice-Chair Luxon (16), Sulkowski (2).  Luxon was duly elected.Treasurer and Auditors (Dillier, Pascu, Sulkowski).  Dillier was accepted unanimously, and Pascu and Sulkowski agreed to continue in their role as auditors for a further 2 years.

10. Any other business:
Commemoration of Gerhard Salomon (Attias presented) and Stuart Gatehouse (Verschuure presented)

11. Handover of  Duties to Newly Elected Council members and new Chair
Holgers thanked for the confidence of serving as president during the next 2 years and presented an analyse of the outcome of EFAS organisation based on a review of all minutes from former GA and  identified successfactors as: •Collaboration between countries,
•Promoting education,

12. Vote of thanks to retiring Council members and Close of meeting
– Holgers particularly thanked Verschuure for his continuing hard work and contribution to the Society.  Meeting was formall closed.