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EFAS early career award

Awarded to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of audiology/hearing sciences for approximately less than 10 years within the countries represented by EFAS. A prior presentation of the considered work at an EFAS conference or within one of EFAS publication channels would be desirable. The award is connected to a price sum of 3.000 €


  • Nomination by any EFAS member or affiliated society, any former or present voting or nonvoting EFAS representative,  self-nomination with reference letter from (at least) one of the above is acceptable;
  • nomination should include at least one recommendation letter, CV, list of publications, list of at least two reknown audiology scientists as reference
  • Nomination deadline 6 months prior to EFAS congress (i.e., every 2 years) 
  • Decision to be made by EFAS board based on (comparative) reviews of expert panel
  • To be communicated to awardee 3 months prior to EFAS congress (in order to secure attendance of the awardee at the congress)
  • To be annouced publicly 2 months prior to the EFAS congress
  • Award to be presented at opening of the congress